Thank you for signing up to FLOW – a learning tool to raise energy awareness in your daily life by making energy physical. If you’re reading this message, you have successfully received your FLOW package and it will just take a few minutes to complete the installation. Please follow the steps below.


Start by selecting the package you received. The package name can be found on the flyer that came with the box.

Single-person household

1 energy source
5 energy blocks
12 energy docks

Two-person household

1 energy source
8 energy blocks
12 energy docks

Small/medium-sized family

1 energy source
10 energy blocks
12 energy docks

Medium/big-sized family

1 energy source
12 energy blocks
12 energy docks


Choose the devices that you want to connect to the FLOW system. If a device is connected, this means it can only be used after supplying it with energy/marbles. You can chose as many devices as you have energy docks. Keep in mind that some devices are heavy energy consumers and need 2 energy docks.  Some devices are continuous and need an energy dock + block attached at all times.


You can now install FLOW in your house.

ENERGY SOURCE. Place the energy source in a central location in the house, such as the living room, kitchen or hallway.
ENERGY BLOCKS. When not in use, the energy blocks can be placed next to the energy source in the designated slots.
The docks need to be connected to the devices selected in the step above. Install them by plugging in the dock between the wall socket and device.


Congratulations. You have successfully installed FLOW. Enjoy!