When I look at the development of my expertise areas, up until this point very little attention is paid to “Business & Entrepreneurship”. Therefore, in the future, I want to develop this competency. I have registered for the USE learning line “New Product Development and Marketing”, with which I want to increase my knowledge about business and marketing.

For my next project, I hope to be subscribed for my first choice, which would be “Crafting Everyday Soft Things”. What particularly attracts me towards this squad, is using software/programming/calculus to design products and exploring different materials and techniques.

Furthermore, I hope to be able to register for “Exploratory Sketching” as elective next year. I would love to develop my sketching skills and I think this will also be very useful for other courses and products. I think that being able to sketch and visualize your ideas is a must for designers.

When building this website, I discovered that I want to focus more on animations. I have used Adobe After Effects once, but I want to become more acquainted with this program. I will develop this skill outside of school during my free time, by watching tutorials for example. When I’m able to make an actual animation, I can use this in my future projects, courses or websites.