I believe that design can change the world. I’m not solely talking about dramatic, worldwide changes, but also about the minor things in people’s everyday life. The function of design should therefore be to increase people’s quality in life, but in a sustainable way. I envision a future where design is a means to improve the world we live in. A world full of innovative products. Smart, efficient, user-friendly and beautifully designed. Products which resonate with their user, so that they become smoothly integrated in the user’s everyday life. They should become essential, whereby life without them would be unimaginable. These products should go hand in hand with the latest technology. My interests lie in new concepts, like 3D printing and virtual reality. Concepts which bring a lot of opportunities for the future. The role of designers should be to integrate these advanced technologies in new products, which will help to make people’s lives better and easier.

To elaborate my vision, I’d like to give an example of how I think design can change the world: “The Smog Free Tower” created by Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde and his team of experts. It’s the world’s largest smog vacuum cleaner, which uses ion technology to produce smog-free air in public space, allowing people to breathe and experience clean air for free.1 This is a great example of a service that literally makes the world more breathable. The project combines a lot of different fields of expertise, such as technology, sustainability and form giving.


I’m a designer who attaches great importance to visuals. Surely a product needs to be functional, but besides that it should also be aesthetically pleasant. I’m a great fan of minimalism and I love white, open spaces, smooth edges, light wood and beautiful details. In my opinion, simplicity and an elegant design are what makes a product stand out.

Besides that, I also find innovation important. I’m inspired by complete new technologies like 3D-printing and virtual reality.

During the past year, I learned that another interest of mine is graphic design: this includes for example making the layout of a logo, poster or report.

My role within a design team, involves taking care of the visuals and aesthetics. Next to this, I can also be an organizer, who makes sure all tasks are evenly distributed among the team members or comes up with a planning. I’m a person who is very eager to learn, and I like to discover new things by myself.

With design, I want to inspire people and improve the quality of people’s lives, where aesthetics and functionality come together in one product.